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The top 5 hotel-room-views in Greece!

4 Feb

1. Rocabella, Santorini

Photo Source decorandme.blogspot.com

Photo Source decorandme.blogspot.com

Built on the edge of the Caldera in Imerovigli, Santorini, Rocabella offers one of the most incredible vistas you will enjoy in your whole life. With studios overseeing the Aegean Sea and the volcano, it is situated in a unique location and it gives you an amazing and private spot to experience the world famous sunset and watch the sun dive in the Aegean while enjoying your cocktail or swimming in one of the swimming pools. Continue reading


Discover 12 colours in Greece!

27 Oct

1. Red

Red Beach in Santorini via luxetravel.com

Red Beach in Santorini via luxetravel.com

Next to the ancient town of Akrotiri in Santorini, is the Red beach, named red because of the lava -like landscape, and the vivid red, volcanic pebbles. Its unique background attracts many tourists; it can be reached by foot (just a couple of minutes walk from Akrotiri) or by boat.

2. Green

In the northern part of Greece, the national park of Pindos, or Valia Kalda, is a mountainous area, full of pure, untouched nature; heavy forests, lakes and rivers that start from this elevated area will offer to you a unique chance to meet nature at its best!

3. Blue

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via anakalypse.gr

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via anakalypse.gr

In the very small island of Elafonisos which lies just next to Peloponnese you will find Simos beach and the most amazing colour of water to dive in. It is quite famous for its camping which attracts loads of young people every summer.

4. Black

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Between Santorini and Thirasia, in the middle of what used to be (some centuries ago) a round island, the (still active) volcano of Santorini offers a unique view of a great black mass thrown in the Aegean sea. You can visit by boat and walk on the volcano.

5. Grey

Meteora via aeroporika-eisitiria.biz/meteora/

Meteora via aeroporika-eisitiria.biz/meteora/

The translation would be “suspended in the wind”, and this is exactly what you will find in Meteora; standing hundreds of meters in the air, on top of rocky columns, you will see monasteries built many centuries ago. The accomplishment can only be described as impossible considering the infrastructure of the era (14th and 15th century) and the place they were built.

6. Purple

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via www.aggelon-kipi.gr

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via http://www.aggelon-kipi.gr

In the north of Greece, very close to Ioannina you will find many villages scattered in the mountains. Linking these small villages called Zagorochoria as a set, you will find amazing bridges that have been standing there for centuries, connecting this remote area. This particular 3-arch bridge was built in 1814 and it is called Kalogeriko (as it was funded by a monk from the monastery of the nearby village of Kipoi).

7. Orange

Voidomatis, in the region of Ioannina, is 15 km long and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. In its path you will find many stone bridges built according to the traditional style of the area as well as the Vikos-Aoos national park.

8. Yellow

Sempreviva flower via rackcdn.com

Sempreviva flower via rackcdn.com

Sempreviva is a yellow flower which stays alive forever and you will only find it in Kythera, an island just South of Peloponnese. This flower is only one beautiful aspect of the many that the island can offer. The best way to get there is to drive to Neapoli and take a boat.

9. White

Panagia Chrysopigi via fotochef.ning.com

Panagia Chrysopigi via fotochef.ning.com

White is the colour of the aegean and more specifically this of Cyclades; and this accompanied with the blue of the sea creates an amazing atmosphere and a unique landscape in every island in Cyclades. This is the church of Panagia Chrysopigi in the island of Sifnos, one of the most picturesque landmarks of the island; a church on the sea…!

10. Silver

Nymfaio, in the northern part of Greece, is a village built in 1385 by Vlachs and still keeps the unique architectural characteristics; a must visit if you are in the area! It is also home of Arcturos, a non-profit organization working for the protection of the mountainous ecosystems with an emphasis on bears and large mammals.

11. Brown

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

In the southeastern part of Peloponnese you will find Monemvasia, a piece of land separated from the mainland after an earthquake a couple of thousand years ago! In this magic piece of land you will find amazing architectural achievements, an old castle and some amazing vistas of and from the castle!

12. Gold

Golden is the colour of the sunset; golden is the feeling of fulfillment while watching the sun going down after a long day experiencing all the beauty of this magical place; golden is the feeling you take with you back home after visiting Greece…!

Stavros Tsoukatos

5 Sunset experiences you shouldn´t miss!

6 Oct

The first image that comes to anyone´s mind when they hear the word “Greece” is one of its most beautiful islands: Santorini! And there is a good reason for that; according to many, the unique view from Caldera offers the best sunset one could possibly imagine. Well, I am afraid I have to disagree. In my opinion Santorini’s sunset complements the infinite beauty of the island, but without the rest of the scenery it wouldn’t be that unique. And that is because Santorini is not the only Greek island offering impressive sunset experiences! To justify that I went through my electronic and mental photo albums and I present my findings to you… So turn the lights off, set your screen at the highest possible resolution and travel to all the shades of red:

1. Kalamitsi beach, Lefkada, Ionian Sea

Note that the official name of this beach is Aivali but it is widely known as Kalamitsi. Upon arriving in the village of Kalamitsi, turn left and descend through the olive groves. After 4km you will see a junction; take the road on the left and you will reach the beach within five minutes. You can enjoy the sunset either lying on the beach or from the exotic canteen that is amphitheatrically built above the coast. Reggae music, banana trees and the sound of waves on the rocks will offer you one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life!

 P1040910 P1040904  P1040902   P1040898  P1040891

2. Anafi, Aegean – Cretan sea

First of all, you need to get some rakomelo (an authentic Greek spirit) or chestnut ice cream by “Ta plagia”, the first shop you meet on your left hand as you enter Chora. Then, take the road that passes by the village and leads to the west of the island. There is no chance of getting lost since the island has only two paved roads! Pick a spot with a nice view and enjoy the sun setting over Santorini!

P1030289  P1030892 P1030886  P1030290

3 Ikaria, Aegean – Ikarian sea

After a swim in the stunning beach of Na in the western part of the island, pay a visit to the tavern of Na located just above the beach. Don’t miss the chance to taste their pasta with braised veal and a glass of local Ikarian red wine as you watch the sun setting between rocks!

Camera ikaria Camera Camera

4. Balos, Aegean – Cretan Sea

Balos is a mind-blowing (yet quite hard to reach) beach with wonderful blue-green waters. You can get there by boats departing from Gramvoussa but unfortunately they head back before sunset, so I suggest you drive the 8km dirt road to get to the beach. The road ends 3km before the cape but the perfectly preserved footpath is not difficult at all to follow. After 8 pm the colours of the sky will carry you away… Following the nightfall you will be accompanied by the crabs that come out of the lagoon’s shores. Do not forget a flashlight to help you find your way back to the car!


  P1030190     P1030183

5. Gaidouronissi or Chrissi, Libyan Sea

Quite a few travellers each year visit this tiny island south of Crete, home to a cedars’ forest since the ancient times. There is neither a settlement nor electricity on the islet, just a canteen on its south coast. You can take a boat from Ierapetra and return with the same one the next day. All you need for spending a night there is your sleeping bag; the rest can be found on the spot (like food, water, even friends!) since Chrissi is a popular free camping place not only for travellers but for local Cretans as well, and they are fully organized and charmingly hospitable! So after enjoying the blue waters go to the north beach (if you’re not already there) and wait for the sunset. Do not be surprised to see a group of people practicing yoga during sunset; classes are offered by a yoga teacher for free and of course you will be more than welcome to join! An experience not to be missed!

P1030285 P1030286    P1030293 χρυση P1030281

I am waiting for your own sunset photos, and do not forget to share the story behind them! Stories are what make the colours more vivid! 😉

Labros Psomodotis

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