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The top 5 hotel-room-views in Greece!

4 Feb

1. Rocabella, Santorini

Photo Source decorandme.blogspot.com

Photo Source decorandme.blogspot.com

Built on the edge of the Caldera in Imerovigli, Santorini, Rocabella offers one of the most incredible vistas you will enjoy in your whole life. With studios overseeing the Aegean Sea and the volcano, it is situated in a unique location and it gives you an amazing and private spot to experience the world famous sunset and watch the sun dive in the Aegean while enjoying your cocktail or swimming in one of the swimming pools. Continue reading

Discover an island in the Cyclades different from the others

2 Oct

Andros Island via androstours.com

Read about the island of Andros in our new website

Elina Kefala, guest blogger

Keeping in mind that Andros is one of the Cyclades Islands and having had already visited most of them when I made the decision to spend my summer vacation there, I was certainly not expecting to see something extremely different. However, my seven-day stay on Andros island proved me wrong and totally changed my mind; Andros is a noble, majestic island exuding a sense of culture and sophistication. Continue reading

Why visit Greece?

9 Aug

Read the top reasons to visit Greece in our new website.

Having in mind that there are easy and difficult questions, why visit Greece is an easy question to answer! It would probably have a pretty straightforward answer a few years ago; or it could probably be answered with photos. But as it is (still) an easy question, let’s put some words down and try to summarize “why visit Greece”, in just a few lines.

1. No need for sacrifices: You can still discover the authentic and unique beauty of Greece on a budget.

167.-Falassarna-beach-West-Crete-GreecePhoto 1: Beach in the island of Crete

You don’t have to spend a fortune to discover the authentic Greece. Since you usually plan your holiday way ahead, booking early will always give you a head start and with low budget airlines travelling directly from Europe’s main hubs to quite a few international airports in remote areas, you can create value for your money. Enjoying Greece as a local means no group holidays and no group holidays mean freedom of choice. Especially if you have done some research before, you can make the most out of your time in Greece. Spending your holiday outside the sphere of mass tourism can be way cheaper; in this case, spending less means gaining more!

2. Do it your way: many different ways to spend your holiday.

lefkada stellaPhoto 2: Left, Porto Katsiki __ in the island of Lefkada, Right, Egkremnoi __ in the island of Lefkada

In Greece you can have your holiday exactly as you want it to be; from spending time partying and enjoying the all year round festive atmosphere in mainstream places, to spending time for yourself and your loved ones, in isolated places, enjoying peacefully and quietly all the magic that Greece has to offer to you; or even split your holiday and have both these experiences at the same place; isolating in mainstream places or partying in isolated places; and that is something hard to find elsewhere. So it is not the place that decides for you which way you will spend your holiday; it is you making the choice! As a result, Greece is an ideal place to spend your holidays with family, friends or both; whatever your company, it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life!

3. The food experience: You can taste amazing new flavors accompanied with magnificent view. 1992-full

Photo 3: Restaurant in Athens with astonishing view of the Parthenon

Greece is an endless scenery of breathtaking views. Even in the most mainstream places, there is something to admire, something that can stand out and create an unforgettable picture in your mind. The relationship between Greece and food is well established and very long. Greek cuisine has many intense gastronomical experiences to offer and this is mostly due to the fresh ingredients used in the making of the dishes as well as the creativity and inspiration of the people producing them. Greece in not only about moussaka and souvlaki; every region in Greece has its unique local dishes based on different proteins and ingredients; it is not very easy to try them all but you should really have a taste of as many as you can in order to experience the breadth of Greek cuisine. The thing though about Greece is that for the Greeks, food is not just taste; Greeks can spend hours in a restaurant or a taverna, enjoying food with good friends, family, local wine and astonishing vistas, chatting, laughing and having fun. So going out for lunch or dinner is not just about eating; is about the fulfillment of all 5 senses.


4. Hospitality: Some things never change.

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Photo 4: Left, local in Greek island, Top Right, donkeys can be found in most of the Greek islands as a means of transportation, Bottom Right, festivals and celebrations (or “panigiri” in Greek) is typical in Greece where people of a community organize events to celebrate special occasions

The spirit of the people and the world famous Greek hospitality could not and will not be affected by any means of crisis. The spirit of the Greeks is deeply rooted in their hearts and minds. No matter how bad the situation looks, the way the Greeks live and treat their guests is extremely difficult to change; the warmth accompanied with a smile will always be there to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

5. The main reason though is intangible and not easy to transform into words.

It’s the combination of sunny weather, breathtaking views, variety and quality of the food, vivid and enthusiastic people, endless history all around you, pure nature that can be found in the most amazing places, smells of pure Greece; all these things that can satisfy all your 5 senses at the same time and make your experience in Greece, one to remember forever.


Photo 5: View from hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini

Maybe the reason you should visit Greece is the combination of all the above; or none of the above; the reason for the latter is simply that you can’t really capture the feeling of Greece and the whole culture and put into words: having lunch by the sea, tasting the unique dishes and drinking local wine while admiring the endless blue; hearing the laughs and the lively conversations of the people around; no matter how many times you have been to Greece or how many years you have spent there, truth is that you can’t really translate this into words…

Despite whatever you might have watched or heard in the news the past few years, Greece, in its core, is still the unique place that used to be. No matter how severely the country was hit by the crisis, the land, the scenery, the people and the overall festive atmosphere little have changed, if any at all. And there are many reasons for which Greece is unique; almost a magical place. And we will help you discover that magic can happen in every single step you make in Greece…

Stavros Tsoukatos

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