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The top 5 hotel-room-views in Greece!

4 Feb

1. Rocabella, Santorini

Photo Source

Photo Source

Built on the edge of the Caldera in Imerovigli, Santorini, Rocabella offers one of the most incredible vistas you will enjoy in your whole life. With studios overseeing the Aegean Sea and the volcano, it is situated in a unique location and it gives you an amazing and private spot to experience the world famous sunset and watch the sun dive in the Aegean while enjoying your cocktail or swimming in one of the swimming pools. Continue reading

7 tips you need to know before heading to Elati

13 Jan
Elati village via

Elati village via

1. Go by car. If you want to really familiarize yourself with the area and take as much as you can back with you, you should really go by car which will give you the flexibility to explore this mountainous place even more. Elati is an amazing village itself but driving in the surrounding area will really take your breath away! On your way up from Trikala take a few minutes and stop to admire the traditional bridge in the village of Pili.


2. Don’t miss (1): Plastiras lake. A few kilometres from Elati is the artificial Plastiras lake.

Plastiras Lake via Evangelos Vissariou, Flickr

Plastiras Lake via Evangelos Vissariou, Flickr

The surrounding area, which was radically developed after the creation of the lake, offers many activities for the visitors, apart from the unique landscapes! Many cafes and restaurants give you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the lake and the mountains in the background! Very close to Neochori you will find “To Manitari”, an excellent choice for lunch or dinner and a restaurant that many locals choose to visit! 😉

3. Don’t miss (2): Ski centre of Pertouli.

Ski Center of Pertouli, Photo Source  sdimitris via Flickr

Ski Center of Pertouli, Photo Source sdimitris via Flickr

Continuing on the road after Elati and before reaching the nearby village of Pertouli, you will find the ski centre. Although it is a very small one, it is worth visiting as the view from the top of it is just amazing; you will have the chance to see the surrounding mountains, standing gloriously usually full of snow!

DSC_0445 DSC_0529

4. Continue even further down the road and visit Pertouli and Neraidochori! The magnificence of this area is not captured only in the villages of the area but also in the road connecting them! The views while driving are breathtaking!


You will find many spots  to stop and enjoy the view! One of them is just after Neraidochori, where you will find a refurbished church and a great place to admire the nature!



The back door of the church!

Close to Pertouli you will find a restaurant called “Niavis”; a traditional spacious Greek taverna, with amazing view of the mountains and the surrounding area and excellent food; again a choice of many locals from the area!

5. Explore the area! Don’t just admire the view from the car; let yourself explore on foot or bikes the area especially near the ski centre where you will find many off road roots and paths and enjoy the heavy forest!


6. A restaurant that you should really visit when you are in this area is called “Ta Kanavia” and it is located in Elati.

Kanavia Restaurant via

Kanavia Restaurant via

Excellent spot overlooking the area and the mountain opposite to Elati, amazing food comprising of well prepared and served firsts and amazing main dishes with many choices on hunting and traditional dishes. The wine is also excellent!

7. Downtown Elati you will also find “To Kechri”, beautiful cafe where you can enjoy relax and enjoy a hot chocolate in a cold winter day!

Café “To Kechri” via

Café “To Kechri” via

You should really try the homemade cherry spoon sweet which is absolutely delicious!

Stavros Tsoukatos

The best 10 places to discover the ancient Greece

8 Dec

1.The Parthenon
I guess the Parthenon needs no introduction; or guidance to get to! One of the most -if not the most- famous landmarks of Greece, the centre of the ancient and the modern city of Athens and probably the most visited site in Greece, offers the chance to be part of a majestic masterpiece of the ancient times and a place of great inspiration.


2. Temple of Poseidon
The temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in ancient times, is located in cape Sounion, the southernmost tip of Attica, close to Athens. The remains of the temple stand on a cliff, surrounded on 3 sides by the sea and offering a breathtaking vista of the Aegean sea! Also a popular short excursion from Athens. Don’t miss the sun diving into the endless blue of the Aegean!

3. Delphi
Once what was supposed to be the centre of earth, as the myth suggest, the site of Delphi is one of most important archaeological sites of Greece. Situated on the mount of Parnassos, offers an excellent opportunity for a trip not far from Athens which will also give you the chance to enjoy the breathtaking views from the site as well as explore the nearby area, full of pure nature as well as entertainment in the cosmopolitan village of Arachova, a few kilometres away!


4. Olympia

In Peloponnese you will find the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Among many individual sites of interest you will find the stadium where the games used to take place. This is also the place where the lightning of the Olympic flame takes place!


5. Epidavros
Epidavros, situated in Peloponnese, was a small city in the Saronic gulf. What Epidaurus is mostly famous for is the ancient theatre, built in 340 BC. It is probably the best preserved ancient theatre, with tremendous acoustics. It is still being used for live performances and plays; performing in Epidavros was and still is considered to be a great honour for actors and actresses!


6. Mycenae

Mycenae was a fortified city, situated in Peloponnese. Alongside with Tiryns, they were the 2 greatest cities of the Mycenaean civilization. Don’t miss the chance to walk through the ruins and be part of this ancient city! You can also combine your visit there with an excursion to the nearby picturesque town of Nafplio!


7. Akrotiri
Akrotiri is an ancient settlement in the island of Santorini which  was buried in volcanic ash after the eruption of the volcano of Santorini, thousands of years ago. The volcanic ash helped the preservation of many artworks. The astonishing part of this ancient city is that many of the items discovered in the small houses were found in the exact position that they were the time of the eruption, something that helped the archaeologists collect important clues of the way the inhabitants used to live! There is also the belief that Plato’s story of the Atlantis was inspired by what happened to Akrotiri!


8. Knossos
Knossos is another major archaeological site of Greece, located in the island of Crete and it is considered to be the oldest city of Europe. Walking through the ancient ruins, which are still standing in excellent shape, you will be amazed by the lively colours that the walls are painted in. A unique experience that can be combined with some relaxing days in the amazing island of Crete!

knossos palace


9. Vergina

Vergina is a small town in the northern part of Greece which is home of a very important archaeological site: Aigai, the first capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. There you will find the burial site of the kings of Macedonia and the tomb of Philip, the father of Alexander the Great!


10. Dodoni

In the northern part of Greece, close to the town of Ioannina, you will find Dodoni, an archaeological site that was the birthplace of many Greek speaking tribes. Among other things you will find a theatre and a stadium. From this site you will find an astonishing view of the mount Tomaros!


Stavros Tsoukatos

6 Holywood-class filming locations in Greece

25 Nov

We love Greece! You love Greece as well! Now, you may be thinking, “How can I like something that I don’t know?!”. Well, think again because it is highly likely that you have seen Greece in a movie!

1. Mamma mia

Mamma mia was filmed in 3 different locations in Greece; in Skopelos and Skiathos, 2 islands in the complex of Sporades, and in Pelion, a mountainous traditional area in Greece’s mainland. Highlight of the movie (and one of Greece’s as well!) the monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Skopelos, where the wedding takes place!

Agios Ioannis Prodromos church in Skopelos

Agios Ioannis Prodromos church in Skopelos

Skopelos Island

Skopelos Island 

2. Before midnight

Before midnight, probably the latest movie that has many scenes filmed in Greece, was shot in the region of Messinia, in Peloponnese. It includes scenes from the castle in Methoni, a extremely picturesque and well preserved area and also from Costa Navarino, one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece.

Methoni castle, Peloponnese

Methoni castle, Peloponnese

3. Captain Corelli’s mandolin

Captain Corelli’s mandolin was shot in Kefallonia island in the Ionian sea. You will enjoy the amazing beauty of Kefallonia and its traditional villages and at the same time the unique blue green colours of the beaches and the seas of the island.

Assos village in Kefalonia

Assos village in Kefalonia

Agnantia Boutique Hotel in Kefalonia via

Agnantia Boutique Hotel in Kefalonia via

4. Zorba the greek

Zorba the Greek (a name probably related with dance in your mind!), is a classic movie, shot back in the 1960s in the island of Crete and more specifically in the region of Chania with scenes in Apokoronas region and Akrotiri Peninsula. The famous scene with Anthony Quinn dancing on a beach at the rhythms of syrtaki, was shot in the beach of Stavros village!

Stavros beach in Chania, Crete

Stavros beach in Chania, Crete

Acrotiri peninsula in Chania, Crete

Acrotiri peninsula in Chania, Crete

5. The Big blue

Big blue was shot in the island of Amorgos, in Cyclades; showing some breathtaking images of the Mediterranean sea and the island.In the movie you will also see the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa clinging to the cliffs, over the Aegean. There were also some scenes in Manganari beach which is located in the island of Ios.

Agios Pavlos Beach in Amorgos, Cyclades

Agios Pavlos Beach in Amorgos, Cyclades

Panagia Hozoviotisa in Amorgos, Cyclades

Panagia Hozoviotisa in Amorgos, Cyclades

6. For your eyes only

In this James Bond film you will find a couple of scenes shot in Greece; you will have the chance to enjoy the island of Corfu in the Ionian sea and also, the magnificent scenery of Meteora, where monasteries are built on the top of rocks standing hundreds of meters in the air!

Loggas Beach in Corfu Island

Loggas Beach in Corfu Island

Monasteries in Meteora

Monasteries in Meteora

Stavros Tsoukatos

Skiing down Greece; discover 9 amazing ski resorts

10 Nov

1. Parnassos

Being one of the closest ski centres from Athens (and the largest in Greece), Parnassos gets quite busy especially during the weekends in the winter. The nearby town of Arachova, full with modern bars, restaurants and cafes, attracts loads of people and is one of the most famous entertainment hubs in Greece during the winter!

Distance from Athens:180km

Ski runs: 21

Total length of ski runs: 22km

2. Kalavryta




At an altitude of 2340m, in the northern part of Peloponnese you will find the 2nd largest ski center of Greece, this of Kalavryta, situated close to the town of Kalavryta. Due to its close proximity to Athens, this ski centre also attracts many people during the winter, who enjoy the 12 ski runs of different difficulties including a black one, this of Ino (1400m long), considered to be one of the most challenging runs in Greece.

Distance from Athens: 203km

Ski runs: 12

Total length of ski runs: 20km

3. Kaimaktsalan



Kaimaktsalan ski centre, very close to the border with FYROM and the traditional village of Palaios Agios Athanasios, offers 13 ski runs of different difficulties. From up there (2500m) you will also be able to enjoy the view of lake Vegoritida and the peak of mountain Olympos!

Distance from Thessaloniki: 139km, from Athens: 660km

Ski runs: 13

Total length of ski runs: 15km

4. Pelion



In the extremely picturesque and full of nature mountain of Pelion, in Agriolefkes, there is a ski centre, at an altitude of 1500m. What is really worth saying about this ski centre is that offers the opportunity to ski while enjoying the view of the…sea! Yes, that’s right, you can go skiing whilst admiring the Mediterranean sea!

Distance from Athens: 346km

Ski runs: 8

Total length of ski runs: 5km

5. Pertouli

The ski centre of Pertouli, near the uniquely beautiful village of Elati, is not a big one; on the contrary, with only 3 ski runs, is probably one of the smallest in Greece! Still, it is worth visiting if you are in this magnificent area and spend some time skiing in all levels of difficulty!

Distance from Athens: 375km

Ski runs: 3

Total length of ski runs: 2km

6. 3-5 Pigadia

3-5 Pigadia (pigadi meaning well in Greek!) is the ski centre of Naoussa in Northern Greece. In this unique location you will find many ski runs and the only ski centre in Greece with a system of artificial snowing to ensure that the quality of skiing will be at high standards throughout the winter season!

Distance from Thessaloniki: 108km, from Athens: 557km

Ski runs: 10

Total length of ski runs: 9km

7. Seli

The ski centre of Seli, near Veroia in the north of Greece, was the first established ski resort in Greece back in 1934. Still a famous winter destination, it attracts people from all parts of Greece and offers a variety of ski runs for the visitors in its well organized facilities.

Distance from Thessaloniki: 95km ,from Athens: 540km

Ski runs: 19

Total length of ski runs: 15km

8. Vasilitsa

Vasilitsa is another very famous ski centre in northern Greece which attracts many ski lovers. Situated near Grevena, it offers high quality facilities and you will find it full with skiers especially during the weekends as many people from the surrounding areas visit to enjoy the snow!

Distance from Thessaloniki: 216km. from Athens: 468km

Ski runs:18

Total length of ski runs: 22km

9. Falakro

The ski centre of Falakro is one of the most important ski centres of northern Greece and one of the biggest as it has 21 ski runs. Although the name of the mountain suggests that there is not much flora (as Falakro means bald!), the mountain is quite rich in nature and magnificent sceneries. The ski centre is situated in an advantageous position which stays covered with snow more months per year compared to other ski centres in Greece and as a result is quite popular!

Distance from Thessaloniki: 210km

Ski runs: 20

Total length of ski runs: 20km

Enjoy your winter vacations in Greece!!!

Stavros Tsoukatos

Discover 12 colours in Greece!

27 Oct

1. Red

Red Beach in Santorini via

Red Beach in Santorini via

Next to the ancient town of Akrotiri in Santorini, is the Red beach, named red because of the lava -like landscape, and the vivid red, volcanic pebbles. Its unique background attracts many tourists; it can be reached by foot (just a couple of minutes walk from Akrotiri) or by boat.

2. Green

In the northern part of Greece, the national park of Pindos, or Valia Kalda, is a mountainous area, full of pure, untouched nature; heavy forests, lakes and rivers that start from this elevated area will offer to you a unique chance to meet nature at its best!

3. Blue

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via

In the very small island of Elafonisos which lies just next to Peloponnese you will find Simos beach and the most amazing colour of water to dive in. It is quite famous for its camping which attracts loads of young people every summer.

4. Black

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Between Santorini and Thirasia, in the middle of what used to be (some centuries ago) a round island, the (still active) volcano of Santorini offers a unique view of a great black mass thrown in the Aegean sea. You can visit by boat and walk on the volcano.

5. Grey

Meteora via

Meteora via

The translation would be “suspended in the wind”, and this is exactly what you will find in Meteora; standing hundreds of meters in the air, on top of rocky columns, you will see monasteries built many centuries ago. The accomplishment can only be described as impossible considering the infrastructure of the era (14th and 15th century) and the place they were built.

6. Purple

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via

In the north of Greece, very close to Ioannina you will find many villages scattered in the mountains. Linking these small villages called Zagorochoria as a set, you will find amazing bridges that have been standing there for centuries, connecting this remote area. This particular 3-arch bridge was built in 1814 and it is called Kalogeriko (as it was funded by a monk from the monastery of the nearby village of Kipoi).

7. Orange

Voidomatis, in the region of Ioannina, is 15 km long and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. In its path you will find many stone bridges built according to the traditional style of the area as well as the Vikos-Aoos national park.

8. Yellow

Sempreviva flower via

Sempreviva flower via

Sempreviva is a yellow flower which stays alive forever and you will only find it in Kythera, an island just South of Peloponnese. This flower is only one beautiful aspect of the many that the island can offer. The best way to get there is to drive to Neapoli and take a boat.

9. White

Panagia Chrysopigi via

Panagia Chrysopigi via

White is the colour of the aegean and more specifically this of Cyclades; and this accompanied with the blue of the sea creates an amazing atmosphere and a unique landscape in every island in Cyclades. This is the church of Panagia Chrysopigi in the island of Sifnos, one of the most picturesque landmarks of the island; a church on the sea…!

10. Silver

Nymfaio, in the northern part of Greece, is a village built in 1385 by Vlachs and still keeps the unique architectural characteristics; a must visit if you are in the area! It is also home of Arcturos, a non-profit organization working for the protection of the mountainous ecosystems with an emphasis on bears and large mammals.

11. Brown

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

In the southeastern part of Peloponnese you will find Monemvasia, a piece of land separated from the mainland after an earthquake a couple of thousand years ago! In this magic piece of land you will find amazing architectural achievements, an old castle and some amazing vistas of and from the castle!

12. Gold

Golden is the colour of the sunset; golden is the feeling of fulfillment while watching the sun going down after a long day experiencing all the beauty of this magical place; golden is the feeling you take with you back home after visiting Greece…!

Stavros Tsoukatos

11 Greek water paradises that will keep you away from the beach

13 Oct

1. Lake Orestiada, Kastoria

Kastoria is a magnificent town built on the side of lake Orestiada. A famous winter destination in Northern Greece, offers unique landscapes; take the road by the lake and walk in order to explore not only the lake but also the architectural magnificence of Kastoria. Don’t miss  the Panagia Mavriotissa Monastery, by the lake, hidden in the trees.

Kastoria via

Lake Orestiada via

2. Lake Prespa

Two beautiful lakes, located northern of Kastoria and shared by Greece, Albania and FYROM. There you will find many small traditional villages where you can eat fish from the lake.You can also explore the rich flora and fauna of the area. In the smaller lake you can walk to the Agios Achillios island and in the bigger one (which is the one shared by the 3 nations) you can take a small boat and go around and “see “the point where the 3 nations’ borders meet as well as symbols and icons of christianity painted on the rocks.

Prespes via

Lake Prespa via

3. Edessa waterfalls, Edessa

Well, I think the waterfalls of Edessa are the most famous in Greece! After falling down from 70m, the water ends in the river of Edessaios creating a majestic and quite imposing picture. You will have the chance to stand inside the waterfall without getting wet as there is a small bridge built in the inner part of the waterfalls!

Edessa via

Edessa Waterfalls via

4. Lake Plastiras, Karditsa

Plastiras lake is an artificial lake very close to the town of Karditsa. The landscapes being formed at this altitude offer amazing pictures. Plastiras lake (named after the politician who planned it and created it almost a century ago) is famous for the many activities it offers; canoe kayak, horse riding, trekking, mountain climbing and many more are offered in the area.

Plastiras Lake via

Plastiras Lake via

5. Pamvotida lake,  Ioannina

Situated in the town of Ioannina, Pamvotida offers an amazing, always nostalgic atmosphere and accompanied with the Mitsikeli mountain in the background, creates a unique picturesque landscape that has nothing to be jealous of the famous landscapes of the Alps.

Pamvotida Lake via

Pamvotida Lake via

6. Pantavrechi, Evrytania

Pantavrechi is an area close to Karpenisi that it is hard to reach (especially during the winter) but it’s totally worth to try! There you can go river trekking and enjoy the canyon where it is always raining (as Panta-vrechi means always raining in Greek); the reason for this is that there is always water coming down from the cliffs above the canyon! You can also go horse riding in the nearby river of Karpenisiotis!

Pantavrexi via

Pantavrexi via

7. Waterfalls of Neraida, Kithira

Walk through a small canyon and enjoy the magnificent beauty of this unique route from Mylopotamos village (which is the closest place to park your vehicle). You will also find abandoned watermills that used to operate years ago.

Waterfalls of Neraida via

Waterfalls of Neraida via

8. Neda waterfalls, Messinia

Neda is canyon in Greece, inside a heavy forest that will offer you an amazing experience! To walk (through the river at some parts!) the whole canyon you will need roughly 7-8 hours. There are 2 waterfalls but the best part is the route by the river that provides amazing views. Don’t miss your chance to swim in the river; although the temperature of the water is very low..!

Neda via

Neda Waterfalls via

9. Drimonas waterfalls, Eyvoia

In the northern part of Eyvoia you will find the waterfalls of Drimonas. Close to a small village that was built centuries ago, the place owes its existence to the monastery of the area. The path to the waterfalls starts from the road and after the 15m high waterfalls splits into 2 smaller ones, one leading to the monastery.

Drimonas via

Drimonas Waterfalls via

10. Melissani lake, Kefallonia

Melissani is a lake in a cave! And it is on an island, this of Kefallonia. Part of the cave collapsed in the past, allowing sunlight to spread in the cave and create amazing colours and a unique feeling to the visitor. Visit Kefallonia, take a boat tour in the lake and the experience will stay with you forever.

Melissani Cave via

Melissani Cave via

11.Polylimnio, Messinia

You will find 15 lakes (as the name of the area suggest, Polylimnio means many lakes), each one more picturesque than the other! You will have to walk through small paths on the mountainous surroundings in order to explore the area and take advantage of the elevated points for amazing vistas!

11 things to know before visiting Athens!

29 Sep

Some things to keep in mind before your visit to Athens

Here are 11 facts about Athens that you may (or may not) know already but it’s good to keep them in mind if you plan a visit in the capital of Greece!!!

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The best of Athens in 24 hours

15 Sep

The best things to do in Athens

Let’s say that for whatever reason, you find yourself in the capital of Greece. And for the same peculiar reason, you only have 1 day to spend in Athens. And you get nervous because one day is not much time to spend in Athens (well, one day is not much time to spend anywhere!) and you are desperately trying to pick the most famous landmarks to go and see. Well, on that topic, let me, as a local, propose to you some things to do in Athens and make the most out of your day; let me help you make this one day in Athens unforgettable!

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Folegandros: great things come in small packages

1 Sep

What to in the island of Folegandros

I might sound a bit bold but it’s the truth: for me summer means Cyclades; take the ferry from Athens and go to any of the small pieces of paradise laying on the Aegean. Some people will find it hard to compare the barren and fruitless landscape of Cyclades with paradise in any given way. But all you need for your summer vacation, is waiting for you there.

So this year it was time to try something new; a small island in the southern part of Cyclades: Folegandros.

panorama folegandros 1 (1)

Photo 1: Panorama of Folegandros Island by Stavros Tsoukatos

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