About Diskaverins

We are a group of Greek friends passionate about travelling! Every time we visit a new place we want to see, do and taste everything unique and memorable our destination has to offer. Along with the must-sees and must-dos, we love to discover all those hidden gems in a place; authentic things that most tourist guides don’t mention and only locals enjoy. However, having limited time in each destination, we seek to live only the best experiences; the ones we call Diskaverins among us! We highly value the knowledge locals possess about their home place, and, being Greek locals, we have decided to put the knowledge we have gathered into words, and offer it to people who share our passion for travelling!

Diskaverins is a blog dedicated to collecting the best experiences from destinations all over Greece.

If you are a Greek local or have found your own Diskaverins while travelling in Greece, you are more than welcome to share your knowledge by writing a post for our blog! Contact us at diskaverins@gmail.com and we will send you the details!

3 Responses to “About Diskaverins”

  1. Thanks for good article. Hope to see more soon.

  2. marissatejada at 12:57 #

    Great blog! So true. Greece is an amazing place to discover! Bravo sas.

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