Discover 12 colours in Greece!

27 Oct

1. Red

Red Beach in Santorini via

Red Beach in Santorini via

Next to the ancient town of Akrotiri in Santorini, is the Red beach, named red because of the lava -like landscape, and the vivid red, volcanic pebbles. Its unique background attracts many tourists; it can be reached by foot (just a couple of minutes walk from Akrotiri) or by boat.

2. Green

In the northern part of Greece, the national park of Pindos, or Valia Kalda, is a mountainous area, full of pure, untouched nature; heavy forests, lakes and rivers that start from this elevated area will offer to you a unique chance to meet nature at its best!

3. Blue

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via

Simos Beach in Elafonisos via

In the very small island of Elafonisos which lies just next to Peloponnese you will find Simos beach and the most amazing colour of water to dive in. It is quite famous for its camping which attracts loads of young people every summer.

4. Black

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Volcano in Santorini by Stavros Tsoukatos

Between Santorini and Thirasia, in the middle of what used to be (some centuries ago) a round island, the (still active) volcano of Santorini offers a unique view of a great black mass thrown in the Aegean sea. You can visit by boat and walk on the volcano.

5. Grey

Meteora via

Meteora via

The translation would be “suspended in the wind”, and this is exactly what you will find in Meteora; standing hundreds of meters in the air, on top of rocky columns, you will see monasteries built many centuries ago. The accomplishment can only be described as impossible considering the infrastructure of the era (14th and 15th century) and the place they were built.

6. Purple

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via

Kalogeriko near Ioannina via

In the north of Greece, very close to Ioannina you will find many villages scattered in the mountains. Linking these small villages called Zagorochoria as a set, you will find amazing bridges that have been standing there for centuries, connecting this remote area. This particular 3-arch bridge was built in 1814 and it is called Kalogeriko (as it was funded by a monk from the monastery of the nearby village of Kipoi).

7. Orange

Voidomatis, in the region of Ioannina, is 15 km long and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. In its path you will find many stone bridges built according to the traditional style of the area as well as the Vikos-Aoos national park.

8. Yellow

Sempreviva flower via

Sempreviva flower via

Sempreviva is a yellow flower which stays alive forever and you will only find it in Kythera, an island just South of Peloponnese. This flower is only one beautiful aspect of the many that the island can offer. The best way to get there is to drive to Neapoli and take a boat.

9. White

Panagia Chrysopigi via

Panagia Chrysopigi via

White is the colour of the aegean and more specifically this of Cyclades; and this accompanied with the blue of the sea creates an amazing atmosphere and a unique landscape in every island in Cyclades. This is the church of Panagia Chrysopigi in the island of Sifnos, one of the most picturesque landmarks of the island; a church on the sea…!

10. Silver

Nymfaio, in the northern part of Greece, is a village built in 1385 by Vlachs and still keeps the unique architectural characteristics; a must visit if you are in the area! It is also home of Arcturos, a non-profit organization working for the protection of the mountainous ecosystems with an emphasis on bears and large mammals.

11. Brown

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

Monemvasia via Meet the world in Greece

In the southeastern part of Peloponnese you will find Monemvasia, a piece of land separated from the mainland after an earthquake a couple of thousand years ago! In this magic piece of land you will find amazing architectural achievements, an old castle and some amazing vistas of and from the castle!

12. Gold

Golden is the colour of the sunset; golden is the feeling of fulfillment while watching the sun going down after a long day experiencing all the beauty of this magical place; golden is the feeling you take with you back home after visiting Greece…!

Stavros Tsoukatos


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  1. katerinasgift October 27, 2013 at 20:36 #

    12 colours indeed!


  1. 7 traditional villages you should visit when travelling in the Greek mainland | diskaverins - December 2, 2013

    […] Nymfaio has been often included in “The ten most beautiful villages of Europe” lists, and has claimed the UNESCO “Melina Mercouri International Prize” for the excellent management of the area’s cultural heritage and the surrounding natural environment. Arcturos’s (NGO dedicated to the protection of brown bears and wolves) headquarters are situated just 1,5 km from Nymfaio and their sanctuary is open to visitors year round (depending on weather conditions). […]

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