Discover an island in the Cyclades different from the others

2 Oct

Andros Island via

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Elina Kefala, guest blogger

Keeping in mind that Andros is one of the Cyclades Islands and having had already visited most of them when I made the decision to spend my summer vacation there, I was certainly not expecting to see something extremely different. However, my seven-day stay on Andros island proved me wrong and totally changed my mind; Andros is a noble, majestic island exuding a sense of culture and sophistication. Its rich and diverse flora spreading over a large area of the island, and the water springs, rivers and hidden waterfalls flowing during the whole year offering green slopes and cool streams, make Andros stand out from the other Cyclades. Moreover Andros is a favoured nearby destination as the trip from the port of Rafina lasts only 2 hours. Andros’ four main areas are: Gavrio, Chora, Batsi and Korthi Bay.

Now let me introduce you to this truly amazing island!

Various places in Andros by Elina Kefala

Beautiful images of Andros by Elina Kefala


Even if your visit in Andros lasts for a whole month, you will not have to go to the same beach twice!

Kipri beach, at Batsi, is a calm place with umbrellas, sun beds and a beach bar offering cold drinks and snacks. Racket players play with passion along the beach till late afternoon and for those of you who love water sports, windsurf lessons are offered!

Kipri Beach via FB page of Wesurfin

Kipri Beach via FB page of Wesurfin

Maybe the cleanest water I have ever swum in is that of Felos beach. Felos is a quite big, pebbled beach located between rocky hills. Since no umbrellas and sunbeds are being provided you can either sunbathe or relax under the shadow of a tree.

Felos Beach via

Felos Beach via

Achla is a famous beach of Andros mainly because of the white colour of the pebbles that give the sea a unique light blue colour. If you choose to reach it by car, I have to warn you that the road is unpaved but fortunately there is also the option of the boat departing from Chora and getting you there in 30 minutes. I would strongly recommend taking the boat since it passes by hidden caves and huge rocks which should not be missed! The return ticket costs 12€.

Achla Beach via

Achla Beach via

Tis Grias to pidima beach with the very characteristic high rock in the middle of the sea is probably the most famous of Andros. The actual translation of the name is “Old Lady’s jump” referring to an old myth according to which an old lady committed suicide by jumping from the cliff and turned into stone. Reaching the beach requires to follow a pathway that descends the hill.

Tis Grias to pidima Beach via

Tis Grias to pidima Beach via

Other famous beaches are Aghios Petros, Chrisi Ammos and Piso Yialia. However, if your stay on the island is going to be short, don’t miss Tis Grias to pidima, Felos and Achla.

Museums and sights 

A visit to the Archeological museum of Andros, at Chora, will not disappoint you. The island has been inhabited for thousands of years, so the archeological findings are various and very interesting. The most impressive exhibits are the Torso of Artemis and Hermes of Andros.

Hermes of Andros andTorso of Artemis via,

Hermes of Andros and Torso of Artemis via,

The museum with the greatest appeal to visitors is that of Modern Art , located in Chora as well. It exhibits a quite impressive collection of sculptures and artworks of Greek and foreign artists of international stature.

Museum of Modern Art via

Museum of Modern Art via

Another monument, worth visiting, is the Tower of Agios Petros. It was built around 4th-3rd century B.C. for guarding and protecting the island from the enemies. If you pass through the Stenies village, don’t forget to drink water from the famous spring of Sariza!

Tower of Saint Petros via

Tower of Saint Petros via


Even though it’s an island, Andros is more famous for its fresh meat rather than for fish. Why not try pork fillet with handmade mashed potatoes at the tavern “Pame Vaggeli” in Gavrio? If you prefer seafood though, you will be impressed by the way they present their dishes at Yialia restaurant, located in Yialia village.“Beetroot cake with yoghurt” is recommended. Judging by the number of patisseries on the island, the locals must really enjoy having desserts! Andros’ authentic dessert is almond paste.

Beetroot cake with yogurt & almond paste via,

Beetroot cake with yogurt & almond paste via,

Don’t miss:

  • An afternoon coffee at “Apomero café” at Gavrio
  • A windsurf lesson at Kipri Beach
  • A walk in Chora until the square of “Afanis Naftis” (The Unknown Sailor)
  • The chance to taste the local “fourtalia” (omelet with potatoes and sausage).

Elina Kefala

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