Discover the 4 seasons of Kastoria (part 1): Autumn

22 Sep

Kastoria in Autumn

The town of Kastoria via  i1.trekearth

Kastoria is a small, well hidden town in the Northwest side of Pindos, the largest Greek mountain range. Amphitheatrically built on a peninsula of Orestiada Lake, it may be its unique location that makes Kastoria so breathtakingly beautiful. While most Greeks have Kastoria in mind as a winter destination (probably due to the fact that it is close to many ski resorts), after visiting the city for the fourth time, each of them during a different season, I came up with the nickname weatherproof town. So, let’s briefly travel in and out of the four seasons in my beloved Kastoria…


1. Gyrolimnia (“around the lake”)

The Lake of Kastoria via

Don’t worry; I am not referring to the route around the whole lake – that would be quite a challenge! My suggestion is to follow the route around the peninsula on which the town of Kastoria is built, that according to the locals starts at the Prefecture building and ends near the city hall on Van Flit square. It is about 7km long and would take you about 1.5 hours to complete.

Gyrolimnia via

The locals usually regard this walking route as their daily exercise, but if you are not really into walking you can rent a bicycle from one of the many shops in the beginning of the route. The street is broad enough to fit cars and motorbikes, but this walk is so beautiful and energizing that I would never suggest swapping it with a ride.

The Lake of Kastoria via

Here, every natural element perfectly completes the rest: cormorants, swans and ducks pose from inside the lake for you to take pictures, colossal plane trees decorate the lakeside, serene villagers are fishing on their boats…

Fauna in the lake via

So take your camera along and visit the lake on an autumn evening; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

2. Churches

Church in Kastoria via

Kastoria with its 76 churches is the only Greek city that reflects so vividly the byzantine and meta-byzantine history. Most churches were built by families, expatriates, or exiled lords, and, together with the murals and religious paintings they are representative of a wealthy era that lasted for over 10 centuries. A walk around the city will lead you to discover churches of all shapes and sizes, some even adjacent to others- something like a religious game but maybe even more interesting than that. Of those I will only reveal 5, and challenge you to discover the remaining 71 on your own! (Mavriotissa, Agios Stefanos (11th century), Agioi Anargiri (12th century), Agios Nikolaos Kasnitzi (12th century, named Kasnitzi by the owner, magister officiorum Nikiforo Kasnitzi, in order for it to differ from the other 11 churches dedicated to St Nicolas), Agios Nikolaos Magaliou (16th century) ).

3. The Wax, Folklore & Prehistoric Museum

Folklore museum in Kastoria via

The Wax, Folklore & Prehistoric Museum is situated at Mavrochori, just outside the town of Kastoria. Two traditional architecture buildings are home to dozens of real-size wax statues depicting the everyday life, traditions, mores and customs of authentic Greece. There is also a reconstructed pre-war village with real-size houses and shops where visitors can learn the secrets of traditional but long-gone trades: carriage maker, shoe maker, copper-pans repairer, blacksmith etc. All exhibits are organized thematically so visitors can easily discover the evolution of Greek culture from prehistoric years to modern times. This museum is like a brief encyclopedia of Greece and should not be missed!

Opening Times

Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00, Weekends & Public holidays: 11:00 – 16:00.

Tel: 0030 2467074870, 0030 6970392196

Stay tuned for the following posts revealing Kastoria’s winter, sping and summer disguises…

Labros Psomodotis

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